The post workout routine that takes 5 minutes.

Confession time: I don’t always shower right after a workout. Gasp! I know. But seriously, I usually don’t have the time to.

Whether it is tending to the needs of my kids. . .hell, it is ALWAYS my kids, I have to keep my workouts short and sweet and because of this I rarely if ever have the opportunity to “freshen” after any of my workouts.

Because of this, I started implementing a quick little routine that left me feeling fresh without having the kids banging on the bathroom door demanding snacks, shows, and more snacks.

This routine takes me all of 5 minutes and does not involve getting in and out of the shower OR having wet hair.

Here’s what I do: First I want to say that I do this whole routine at home. If you are doing it at a gym bring a clean change of clothes as part of the routine. If you are at home, obviously, your clothes are there already.

  1. First I wash and exfoliate my face with a gentle exfoliant like the apricot scrub used above. Then pat dry face.
  2. Wash armpits. Yep! I just do it in the sink with some mild soap. I then dry them up and apply my favorite deodorant.
  3. I then wipe down any sweaty areas with these flushable body wipes. I love this brand and I carry them every where I go, they are seriously a life saver.
  4. I then get a new change of clothes on.
  5. Put my hair up in a mom bun.
  6. Then spritz a light scent on my face and hair. 

Boom. Done.

This has pretty much kept me from feeling like a disgusting slob while I go about my day because I usually can’t get to the shower until after the kids go to bed. 

I know it truly isn’t ideal. . .but a mama has to do what a mama has to do.

What are your tips and tricks for freshening up quickly after a workout?


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