Why I stopped showing my abs on social media.

I have been into fitness and health for the past three years. Of those three years, I have spent the entire time connected and sharing my story on social media.

I shared a lot too, right out the gate. My workouts, my struggles, my meals, stuff about my kids, and my progress with my body post baby.

I wasn’t a woman who had a lot of weight to lose but I did struggle with feeling comfortable in my skin and learning to love my body after kids was a struggle for me at first.

I soon got into a groove though; lifting weights, doing HIIT workouts, eating well. I was seeing amazing results with my body and I wanted to show them to anyone who would look.

My ab photos were frequent and honestly, didn’t have much substance behind them other than “look at me!”. At the time, I thought I was inspiring other women, but now I think differently.

I look back at those super frequent pictures of myself with just a sports bra, showing off my stomach and they are seriously a huge turn off and quite embarrassing .

So why did I change my mind about showing off my midsection/abs so much?

Honestly, it all started with me thinking “why the hell does this even matter?”. I had one of those light bulb type moments but instead of it being an “ah-ha!” it was more of a “I want to break everything and start over”. Like, I could not believe I was doing it this way for so long and thinking it was ok to just flaunt my midsection to other moms who might be having a hard time with body image. Heck, I was having a hard time with body image most days, the pictures I shared and the likes I got were almost like a justification that I looked “ok” , I needed it more than anyone I was sharing with needed it.

After that initial moment where I wanted to break everything and start over, I started thinking about my message more and more. I want moms to create healthy habits first and foremost and abs might or might not be a a part of this, and I definitely don’t want women trying to achieve flat stomachs through unhealthy methods.

We, as moms, need to think about sustainable and healthy ways of eating, movement, and stress prevention and the way our bodies look is a side effect of these practices.

So, needless to say, I am done showing women my body because my body is NOT the body you should strive for. Your body, eating healthfully, moving nutritiously, addressing  stress in a mature way, and being part of a supportive community, is the body that you want to strive for. I (or anyone else for that matter) do not have your perfect body but I do want to inspire you and motivate you as a trainer and fellow mom. I think I am doing a better job of this now and I am always working to improve my message, as I believe, we are never done improving ourselves.


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