Slow and Steady

I recently checked in with one of my clients. We usually check in a few times a week and then once a week she also does a weigh in (her choice).

We have been working together for about 3 months now. We are working on a holistic approach to her fitness, taking nutrition, stress management, sleep, and physical fitness into account. 

Though, I don’t “see” her daily, (I am an online personal trainer), I have noticed changes through our conversations together (mental changes) and through some recent progress pictures she has sent me (physical changes). 

Recently, her weigh in caught my eye. Now, again, we have been together for 3 months and her latest weight in came back with a total loss of 10lbs. Yep, 10lbs. That is a little less than 1 lb per week for the past 12 weeks.

Now, as a trainer, this makes me so unbelievably proud for many reasons but I do understand how this might frustrate my client (not necessarily the client I am working with but any client trying to lose weight). So let me dive in a little further to show you why I think this is actually an amazing accomplishment and why YOU should take a second look at why crash dieting is not the way to go and why slow and steady is the better option for weight loss.

  1. Crash diets or extreme diets are so popular these days because of the results one can get in such a short period of time BUT most (if not all) people who use a crash diet to loose weight, WILL gain that weight back (and sometimes even more!). A crash diet usually includes some extreme way of eating, or not eating, that can’t be maintained long term. So while eating cabbage soup for 14 days straight will help you shed some serious pounds, how does one expect to keep that up in the long term? After a crash diet is completed and the goal of weight loss is met, people usually go back to their old way of eating and eventually gain back the weight. NOTHING about nutrition was learned and none of the old habits were broken.
  2. Most diets only take physical fitness and nutrition into consideration (if you are lucky). There are two other factors that are incredibly important that tend to be overlooked: sleep and stress management! If you aren’t getting good sleep, you could be resistant to weight loss. If you are stressed out, you could also be resistant to weight loss. And do you know what causes bad sleep and major stress on the body (among other things of course)? Poor nutrition from a shitty crash diet!
  3. When you lose weight at a slow and steady pace, you are in control! You are more aware of your body and how it feels to be thinking, acting, moving at a certain level. Body awareness is HUGE for a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. If you are more aware of how you are eating, how you are moving, and how you are feeling, you are more likely going to either keep doing what you are doing (if you feel good) or make adjustments (if you feel like you could be better).
  4. When you take a holistic approach to your weight loss and healthy lifestyle, you are not JUST focusing on the food but also the movement, the mindset, the sleep, and the stress management. Our lives are not one or even two dimensional, they are multi-faceted and need to be treated as such. Crash diets put a band-aid on the problem and give you an immediate result of fast weight loss. Slow and stead weight loss and body awareness give you a set of tools that you can use for a lifetime of weight control and healthy living.

I truly hope these points show you why crash dieting and quick weight loss are not the way to go. I know, in our fast paced world, it is easy to want to steer towards “easy” but as a personal trainer and coach, it is my life mission to help women find ways to create a healthy lifestyle that works for them.

I am sick of seeing women go further and further down the diet track with no real results and no real connection to their bodies! This has to change, and it starts with a slow and steady approach to health. 

If you are interested in what I do or talking more to me, come find me in my Facebook group——> The Energized Life Project and we can connect there!


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