Opinion: Why 80/20 does NOT work.

When I first started working out and eating healthier 3 years ago, I was introduced to the 80/20 rule.

This rule states that there is a balance of 80% healthy foods and 20% junk foods that you can maintain and still stay “healthy” and still reach your goals.

Of course this sounded amazing to me. Coming from a world where Snicker’s bars, fast food burgers, and cookies were a HUGE part of my life, I decided to embrace 80/20 and run with it.

Like most diets, this style of eating worked for me. . .for a little while. I ate my salads and my grilled chicken and then I lightly gorged myself on cookies or MacDonald’s fries whenever they were in my sight (which was more often that I would like to admit).

I thought I was winning at this 80/20 thing. I started preaching it from the mountain tops like it was the best thing. I started applauding those who embraced it and thought it was totally normal to have “treats” quite often because we (those who embraced 80/20) were eating healthy “most” of the time.

Well, I will start out by saying that the words in the previous paragraph that I put quotations around were the way I saw things. In reality, the treats I was eating were things like a whole bag of cookies or a whole bag of chips. And my version of eating healthy most of the time was 3 healthy square meals interlaced with all of the unhealthy snacks and treats, every single day.

I started realized that my cravings for the not so good foods was out of control and me trying to control it only made it worse.

I needed something different. I needed to cut it all out and live 100/0. Yep, I know this sounds harsh and unrealistic for most people but I think, for some of us anyway, that 80/20 just doesn’t work. There are some of us who can’t stop ourselves when it comes to the cookies, chips, and other treats.

Trying to figure out how to eat just one or two cookies after a somewhat satisfying meal is SO much harder for me than just NOT eating the cookies at all.

If you give me an inch I will literally take a mile. I will justify eating every last cookie and I will even justify the stomach ache. Yep. 80/20 is a something that just does not work for me, the balance of 80/20 throws me off. “Some” becomes more and more and more. “Treats” become just a normal thing. Treats aren’t really treats when you are eating them three times a day and binging on them at least once a week.

So while 100/0 doesn’t work for most people, it works for me. I am one of those individuals who has to cut out all the foods that trigger me want to binge.

I’m not saying that every once in awhile I won’t eat a treat. But, it has to be a special occasion and it has to be something that I can only have one of, like a dessert at a restaurant or a birthday. No bringing cookies into the house that are supposed to last me a week. Nope, that does not work. I would end up eating the box within a couple of hours.

I’m not saying that 80/20 can’t work for some but, in the end, I have to do what works for me and I don’t like the way that 80/20 is promoted as the BEST way to do things. There are some people who just can’t operate this way.

I saw a post yesterday on Instagram that showed a days worth of food on the 80/20 diet. This post had three healthy meals and then two cookies for dessert after dinner. It basically was stating that “you too can make this diet work for you!” and “you can eat healthy and have treats and still reach your goals!”. Um no, and to promote this to the world as gospel is just naive and unhelpful.

People are different and our minds and personalities are wired differently. Some might see 80/20 as this beautiful balance while others might see it as a total prison. I happen to be one of those people who thinks the latter.

Are you a person who follows the 80/20 mentality or have you found that it actually doesn’t work for you? I would love to answer your questions on how I maintain 100/0 or any other questions you might have for me.

Thanks for reading.


The post workout routine that takes 5 minutes.

Confession time: I don’t always shower right after a workout. Gasp! I know. But seriously, I usually don’t have the time to.

Whether it is tending to the needs of my kids. . .hell, it is ALWAYS my kids, I have to keep my workouts short and sweet and because of this I rarely if ever have the opportunity to “freshen” after any of my workouts.

Because of this, I started implementing a quick little routine that left me feeling fresh without having the kids banging on the bathroom door demanding snacks, shows, and more snacks.

This routine takes me all of 5 minutes and does not involve getting in and out of the shower OR having wet hair.

Here’s what I do: First I want to say that I do this whole routine at home. If you are doing it at a gym bring a clean change of clothes as part of the routine. If you are at home, obviously, your clothes are there already.

  1. First I wash and exfoliate my face with a gentle exfoliant like the apricot scrub used above. Then pat dry face.
  2. Wash armpits. Yep! I just do it in the sink with some mild soap. I then dry them up and apply my favorite deodorant.
  3. I then wipe down any sweaty areas with these flushable body wipes. I love this brand and I carry them every where I go, they are seriously a life saver.
  4. I then get a new change of clothes on.
  5. Put my hair up in a mom bun.
  6. Then spritz a light scent on my face and hair. 

Boom. Done.

This has pretty much kept me from feeling like a disgusting slob while I go about my day because I usually can’t get to the shower until after the kids go to bed. 

I know it truly isn’t ideal. . .but a mama has to do what a mama has to do.

What are your tips and tricks for freshening up quickly after a workout?

Easy kale salad

I will admit, I used to HATE kale. Like, I thought it was disgusting and I wanted nothing to do with it. And, for the last three years, I have only eaten it once.

Recently though, I have started noticing more kale salads on social media and more and more people raving about kale and how it is their favorite green.

And then, one day while scrolling Instagram, my mind was blown. I saw a video of someone “massaging” their kale BEFORE putting it into their kale salad. Whaaaat?!?!

I was still skeptical though. How would this massaging technique make the kale taste any better?

I finally decided I had to give it a try so I picked up two bunches of organic curly leaf kale at the grocery store.

I definitely felt like this might actually work when I bought it, but seriously, I KNEW that if this technique didn’t make it taste good, I would have to swear off kale FOREVER.

I got the kale home and was still feeling skeptical. What if this massaging business is being hyped up by people who already just LOVE kale. . .I mean, those people are already weird, right? Would massaged kale actually convert someone into a kale lover?

I was about to find out.


2 bunches of kale

1/2 cup olive oil

Juice from one lemon

Salt and pepper


I first cut the leafy parts of the kale away from the ribs. I’m sure that you can also use small pieces with the rib attached, I just did it this way.

I then divided it into two batches because it was A LOT of kale.

I poured half the olive oil and juiced half the lemon into a large bowl and then poured the kale on top.

I gently began “massaging” my hands through the kale, coating all the leaves. After about a minute or two, the leaves begin to change texture. . .when this happened, I knew that this massaging thing was probably the real deal.

After about 3-4 minutes of massaging I put the prepared kale in a tupperware and did the next batch.

I stored all the prepared kale in a giant tupperware and the salad stayed fresh for 4 days!

After it was all prepared, I did also add some Romano cheese and mix it in. That seemed to give a little extra flavor and also held up nice for the length of time that the salad was in the fridge.

I ate this salad with everything! Eggs, burgers, chicken, and even adding some turkey bacon on top! Whenever I wanted some, I just pulled it out of the fridge and spooned some out of the tupperware.

And, because it is SO easy to make, when it runs out, making more is hardly an issue. It really is one of the easiest salads and one of the easiest ways to get in a few servings of greens every day.

Add ons:

Sometimes eating the plain kale salad can get old so I did mix it up a couple times.

Avocado, red bell pepper, and cucumber where the three veggies that I added in.

I’m not sure if I even need to say this, but yes, this salad has turned me into a kale lover!

So if you aren’t sure about kale…give this super simple kale salad a try!

Comparison is…

I think we have all heard the saying “comparison is the thief of joy” and it is one of the truest statements I have ever heard. Especially in the age of social media when all there is other peoples’ lives in our faces 24/7, its a wonder any of us are able to try and even be remotely joyful.

You know what though? Can we put joy to the side for a minute and just be a little more practical for a moment?

Comparison is also the thief of our TIME!

Have you been stuck on social media just scrolling through snap shots of how others are spending their time? Whether sipping coffee, laying in their perfectly disheveled bed, or sharing their latest wardrobe purchase, social media experts know how to lure us in and make us want what they have.

There is a reason they are experts and there is a reason we can’t look away, but, because of this, we are drained of our most valuable resource, time.

Those social media gurus want us to spend our time with them because they want us to want what they have, buy their products and just overall covet their lifestyle.

Can I just say one thing to you right now regarding ALL of this?


Stop giving them your time! Every time you scroll by, look at their small little glimpse of reality, and hope/wish/pray that one day you will have a life half as glamorous, just stop! You deserve more. By more, I mean, you deserve your time so that you can give it to those who truly deserve it.

This comparison trap literally takes time from the people who most deserve it (your kids, spouse, family, business, household) and diverts it to complete non sense (someone’s outfit, their new living room furniture, vacation pictures, etc.).

So, what happens when we do stop comparing? We start living! We realize that what is right in front of us is so amazing and so important that it can’t be ignored. When are time is freed from comparing, we are able to give our time to these things that are most important to us, we are able to be present, and because of this, we are able to be happy.

So yes, comparison IS the thief of joy but this post was really about digging deeper.

The reason it takes our joy is because it takes our time and once we realize this, we can get back to the things that matter most.

Sugar free update.

Back in January, I wrote this post about going sugar free for the month.

I just realized (bad blogger status right here!) that I never wrote an update.

Maybe I unintentionally held off on an update to kind of give myself more time to figure things out or maybe not. Anyway, here is my update.

January was a bit of a challenge, because of my daughter’s birthday, I kind of went overboard on the sweets that day and crashed hard on the following days. It sucked. But, I didn’t let it get to me, I was right back to sugar free the next day.

The cravings were there most, if not all, of the month. I wanted sweets so I tried to keep the cravings satisfied with some stevia in my coffee or the occasionally stevia sweetened hot cocoa. Thinking back, this was probably a horrible idea because these things just kept me wanting MORE of the sweet.

February came around and I started to taper down my use of stevia. I also noticed a couple things about myself, mainly, I do NOT do well with sugar alcohols when they are in pre packed form. Meaning, an ice cream or chocolate bar with sugar alcohols is amazingly yummy but my stomach is mad at me literally 30 minutes later.

Towards the end of February I noticed that my cravings for sweet were almost non-existent and though I did have the occasional piece of 90% dark chocolate, it was more of an enjoyable thing than just trying to fill a craving.

Now it is mid March (already?!) and I’m sitting here almost totally sugar free for the last 13 days. I have had dark chocolate on a couple occasions but like I said before, it is for pure enjoyment and NOT to fill a craving. I find myself craving savory foods like cheese and nuts and I now drink my coffee with no added stevia!

That’s my update but I really want to touch on something that I talked about in my previous post too.

I WAS A SUGAR ADDICT. I mean it 100% when I use those words, I do not say it lightly when I say it either. I was an addict and it literally took me 3 years of hard work to get to this point.

I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to think that I just on a whim thought I should give up sugar. I worked up to this point and I worked and sweat for it every inch of the way.

Sugar addiction is a real thing and anyone who tells me otherwise hasn’t been there.

What would I suggest to someone who wants to cut back drastically on their sugar?

Start small. Don’t try to remove all your goodies all in the same week. This will lead you to feeling deprived and deprivation usually makes you turn to the other end of the spectrum which is consuming all of the things!

Find different ways to reward yourself. So many of us reward ourselves with a sweet treat! This is self destructive if you are trying to give up sugar! Find other ways to reward yourself for a job well done (and this could be in any area: work, school, exercise, etc). Some of my favorites? A new book, a new lip gloss, a bubble bath, or an at home facial.

Be patient. Be kind. It is not easy to give up something you are addicted to. It is real, it is hard, and it is NOT glamorous. You are probably going to have set backs and push backs from those around you. Remember to stay true to you, remember why you are doing this, and most importantly remember that having a cookie is NOT the end of the world. You will recover and life will go on regardless, so be patient with your self and be kind to yourself when you do have a bad day.

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions for me feel free to email me at prettymuchmotherhood@gmail.com or just leave a comment below.

The word “diet”.

The reason I HATE the word diet.


It implies restriction.


It implies a quick fix.


It implies something trendy or fad like.


It implies dislike of your current body.


It implies that someone can eat this certain way for a set time and then return to the crap they were eating before with no consequence.


It implies hunger without satisfaction.


I have never ever used the word diet to refer to the way I eat because it just has so many negative meanings and feelings for me. So when I hear the term “ketogenic diet” thrown around it actually kind of makes me cringe. .

I get that most people don’t mean anything bad by it but for me, attaching the word diet at the end means that there will be FEWER calories, weight LOST, and that there might even be a little suffering. .

In fact, the reason I started eating the way I do, is because it was actually MORE calories, weight maintenance, and NO suffering!


I am finally 100% happy with the way I eat. . .really. .

My hope is for you to get there too, if you aren’t there already. But let me tell you this, no amount of negative thought towards food or your body is going to get you there. You must change the mindset FIRST before making the real and permanent changes to everything else.

Sometimes you have to dig deeper.

Sometimes you win and sometimes your win is disguised and you just have to dig a little deeper.


We got all the way to the doctor’s office to find out that we actually did NOT have an appointment.🙄 Mom brain in full effect.


Anyway, I kicked myself for getting the girls rushed out of the house so early on a cold, no school morning. But then we got home and the girls had a snack and just started playing nicely in their room.


I think that if we hadn’t had that change of scenery early in the day, the girls would be fighting at this point. So my mistake is ALL of our win because now our late morning is going extremely well.


Remember that some wins are easy and we love for these because they give us that automatic rush of “yes! I got this!”


Sometimes though, the wins aren’t so clearly marked. We have to dig deeper to find them and maybe the digging can get frustrating because you are just like “why can’t this be easy?!”😩But then you find what you were looking for, your win! Maybe it took more effort but it these harder to find wins are just as (if not more) rewarding than the easy ones.


If you haven’t found that easy win, do not give up! Definitely dig deep because you got this!