Comparison is…

I think we have all heard the saying “comparison is the thief of joy” and it is one of the truest statements I have ever heard. Especially in the age of social media when all there is other peoples’ lives in our faces 24/7, its a wonder any of us are able to try and even be remotely joyful.

You know what though? Can we put joy to the side for a minute and just be a little more practical for a moment?

Comparison is also the thief of our TIME!

Have you been stuck on social media just scrolling through snap shots of how others are spending their time? Whether sipping coffee, laying in their perfectly disheveled bed, or sharing their latest wardrobe purchase, social media experts know how to lure us in and make us want what they have.

There is a reason they are experts and there is a reason we can’t look away, but, because of this, we are drained of our most valuable resource, time.

Those social media gurus want us to spend our time with them because they want us to want what they have, buy their products and just overall covet their lifestyle.

Can I just say one thing to you right now regarding ALL of this?


Stop giving them your time! Every time you scroll by, look at their small little glimpse of reality, and hope/wish/pray that one day you will have a life half as glamorous, just stop! You deserve more. By more, I mean, you deserve your time so that you can give it to those who truly deserve it.

This comparison trap literally takes time from the people who most deserve it (your kids, spouse, family, business, household) and diverts it to complete non sense (someone’s outfit, their new living room furniture, vacation pictures, etc.).

So, what happens when we do stop comparing? We start living! We realize that what is right in front of us is so amazing and so important that it can’t be ignored. When are time is freed from comparing, we are able to give our time to these things that are most important to us, we are able to be present, and because of this, we are able to be happy.

So yes, comparison IS the thief of joy but this post was really about digging deeper.

The reason it takes our joy is because it takes our time and once we realize this, we can get back to the things that matter most.


The word “diet”.

The reason I HATE the word diet.


It implies restriction.


It implies a quick fix.


It implies something trendy or fad like.


It implies dislike of your current body.


It implies that someone can eat this certain way for a set time and then return to the crap they were eating before with no consequence.


It implies hunger without satisfaction.


I have never ever used the word diet to refer to the way I eat because it just has so many negative meanings and feelings for me. So when I hear the term “ketogenic diet” thrown around it actually kind of makes me cringe. .

I get that most people don’t mean anything bad by it but for me, attaching the word diet at the end means that there will be FEWER calories, weight LOST, and that there might even be a little suffering. .

In fact, the reason I started eating the way I do, is because it was actually MORE calories, weight maintenance, and NO suffering!


I am finally 100% happy with the way I eat. . .really. .

My hope is for you to get there too, if you aren’t there already. But let me tell you this, no amount of negative thought towards food or your body is going to get you there. You must change the mindset FIRST before making the real and permanent changes to everything else.

Sometimes you have to dig deeper.

Sometimes you win and sometimes your win is disguised and you just have to dig a little deeper.


We got all the way to the doctor’s office to find out that we actually did NOT have an appointment.🙄 Mom brain in full effect.


Anyway, I kicked myself for getting the girls rushed out of the house so early on a cold, no school morning. But then we got home and the girls had a snack and just started playing nicely in their room.


I think that if we hadn’t had that change of scenery early in the day, the girls would be fighting at this point. So my mistake is ALL of our win because now our late morning is going extremely well.


Remember that some wins are easy and we love for these because they give us that automatic rush of “yes! I got this!”


Sometimes though, the wins aren’t so clearly marked. We have to dig deeper to find them and maybe the digging can get frustrating because you are just like “why can’t this be easy?!”😩But then you find what you were looking for, your win! Maybe it took more effort but it these harder to find wins are just as (if not more) rewarding than the easy ones.


If you haven’t found that easy win, do not give up! Definitely dig deep because you got this!

Lemonade from Lemons

The girls got it in their heads today that they wanted to make lemonade.

We have a million lemons on our tree so I thought it would be a fun after school activity.

That was until my 5 year old spilled a whole bag of sugar all over the kitchen floor. You never realize how sticky sugar is until it is literally EVERYWHERE!

Luckily I had extra sugar but the clean up in the middle of it all just frustrated me and made me realize that this might be an area for growth…in the sense that sometimes very small tasks, when not going right, make me upset!

The lemonade is chilling in the fridge now and the girls are eagerly waiting to drink it but I am looking at this experience as a learning experience.

Things don’t always go perfectly, and many times, shit hits the fan, but I can change my attitude and reaction towards them.


I wanted to share a little store about this picture.

My 5 year old got this Trolls coloring book for Christmas and decided to do some coloring in it yesterday afternoon.


On the back of the coloring book is one of pictures from the coloring book all colored in.


She wanted to match the colors in the “example” picture exactly to the blank picture in the coloring book.


So she asks for my help.


“Where is this pink?” she asks. I help her look for it but I literally start to stress out over not picking the right pink for the Troll’s hair!


Eventually, I settle on a shade of pink I think is best and hand it to her.


“Perfect!” she says, “This is exactly the color I was looking for.”


As the adult, I could see that the two pinks didn’t match up perfectly, but for my 5 year old, it was perfection.


What I’m trying to say here is, we need to stop trying to be perfect for our kids. All we need to do is try our best.


This effort is, in their eyes, perfection, and that is all that matters.

Hi! & What I Do.

I’m Stephanie.
I’m a trainer who helps mamas get fit, gain energy, and get over the confusion that surrounds health and fitness.
I’m also a mom of two young girls. I spend my days potty training a stubborn 2 year old, helping a 5 year old with her writing skills, cooking *mostly* healthy meals, and doing laundry. . .LOTS of laundry.
What I’m trying to get at is that I understand that your time is limited and that when you do have a free moment, you want to make the most of it.
So, if you are going to commit to a workout program and bettering your nutrition, why would you waste time driving too and from a gym?
Working out at home can be just as, if not more effective, than working out at a gym. And with a trainer that you can talk to almost any time of day who will create a personalized program JUST FOR YOU, then it really seems like a no brainer.
I train via the internet because I want to help mamas who feel stuck.
I know so many women who feel stuck in the place they are because they can’t get to a gym or can’t make time for better nutrition.
No mama should feel stuck and that’s why I am here to be your guide through the sludge, to get you on track with a simple weight training program and nutrition plan that YOU can stick with.
I work together with you to figure out small habits that you can start applying now, we figure out where you stand with your fitness and start with a program that makes sense for you, that you can work on progressing in.
We will look at your nutrition and eating habits together and look at healthy foods that you can add. I will never recommend a trendy diet or strange supplements to you because whole food nutrition is where its at.
Most importantly, I will have patience and be kind, and I hope you will too. This is a journey NOT a magic pill.
If you are interested in working with me find me on Facebook (here) and let’s talk!

They think you are a super human, treat yourself accordingly. 5 tips for self care!

My husband and I were talking the other night about the way our kids view us.

He was saying how we see ourselves as these regular people who also happen to be parents.

Granted, he said, he loves being a dad and I love being a mom, but, being parents is just one part of who we are.

On the other hand, our kids see us as MOM and DAD.

When anything goes wrong in their lives, we are the first ones they think of to solve their problems, take their hurt away, and make them happy.

It is just so crazy that there are two little people asleep in the other room right now that see us as these super humans with all the answers.

I’m pretty sure I’m just “me” but I’m okay with sometimes taking on the super hero roll if it means I can watch their eyes light up or their “ouchies” be magically healed with a small kiss.

I think where I’m going with all of this, is that we need to keep in mind that as parents we are everything to these little people.

We might see ourselves as just average Joes and Janes who are good at some stuff but not other things, but to these kids, we are EVERYTHING and this puts some crazy, awesome responsibility in our hands.

Responsibility to be our best for them at all times.

This is where I tie all of this into self care.

We can’t be the super heroes in their lives, if we don’t feel great about ourselves!

Self care is the fastest route to feeling awesome and, I get it, it isn’t always the easiest thing to implement into your life.

There are, however, more than a few ways to start implementing simple self care practices today.

Remember, self care does not mean a weekend away at a spa (thought, that would be nice, wouldn’t it?). Self care can sometimes mean 10 minutes to focus on you, just to recharge that super hero mom status that you need to live up to.

Here are my top 5 self care practices that take 10 minutes or less.

  1. Meditate. I put my favorite first. Meditation has become such a game changer for me because it not only lets me relax in complete silence but it helps me sort through my thoughts and really clear out the ones that don’t matter. I usually do an 8 minute meditation right after the kids go to bed or right before they wake up.
  2. Put on earrings/make up. Seriously, the regular mom uniform can get so monotonous and just make us feel so much more tired than we really feel we are! Liven things up with some lipstick, pretty earrings, or even a cute scarf. Caring outwardly can really help bring out our inner vibrancy.
  3. Stretch! So many times I let the day get to me and I end up plopping on to the couch. I think this is what I need but it is quite opposite. My hips lock up, my lower back aches, it needs up making me feel more “blah” than before sitting down. Getting down on the carpet or on a yoga mat and stretching helps to release the tension of the day and keeps muscles and joints happy.
  4. Read a book. Any book that you enjoy reading. Whether you like romance or historical biographies, being taken away from the present for just 5 minutes can help you deal with reality that much better.
  5. Create a grocery list. I don’t know how many times I thought to myself, “if I just had a box of cookies right now…”. The thing is , the ending to that sentence is never good and the reality of a box of cookies in the cupboard can most always be avoided (of it’s something you need to avoid) by creating a grocery list and sticking to it! If you create list of healthy foods and actually purchase these foods, you will be so much less likely to have a weak moment and binge. Planning out food for the week and surrounding yourself with nourishing foods and meals is a great way to care for yourself and literally only takes about 10 minutes. Also, the more often you do it, the less time it takes. Keep a list on your phone or as a document on your computer and just add/subtract things weekly as you see fit to do so.

There you go. My top 5 self care that take 10 minutes or less. I rarely apply all of these in the same day but sprinkling a few each day through out the day keeps me sane and makes me feel like ME. In turn, this helps me be the best mom for the two best little girls in the world.

If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or tired. Start with a few minutes of self care here and there until that becomes a habit and then start sprinkling in a little more as you feel you can.

Its not about creating these huge chunks of time where you HAVE to pamper yourself. Its about fitting it in when you can and doing it in a relaxed fashion.

Self care shouldn’t stress you out.

If you have been implementing self care and are looking for more, I truly believe a fitness and nutrition program might be right for you.

Moving your body and eating food that makes you feel optimal is a necessity for me and I believe that most moms could benefit from it as well.

I offer online personal training and nutritional coaching where I help you ease into things by implementing small habits over time. No stress, no overwhelm, just small habits that you will be able to remain consistent with.

Because the magic is in the consistency.