Twice baked Spaghetti Squash with Tuna & Feta

Ever end up with literally 5 ingredients left to make dinner with and wonder how it will all come together?

Yep, that’s how this recipe came together the other night.

It was Saturday and I looked in my fridge and pantry and thought I was going to be screwed when all I came up with was a can of tuna, a spaghetti squash, an onion, a jar of marinara, and some feta cheese.

“What the heck am I supposed to do with all of this?” I thought.

I knew I had to come up with something because I am extremely anti-grocery store on the weekends (I don’t like the craziness and prefer to go on a weekday).

That’s when this recipe was born. I kind of created it as I went but kept track of times and amounts in my mind knowing that if it was good, I would want to do this again.

Well, it was delicious, so I want to share it with you too.

Twice Baked Spaghetti Squash with Tuna, Onion, and Feta

Serves 2


1 medium size spaghetti squash

1/2 cup marinara sauce (I use any store bought variety that has no sugar added)

1/3 of an onion, diced (use more or less to your liking)

1 can of tuna

4 oz of feta cheese, crumbled (I use a sheep’s milk variety but any feta will do)

salt/pepper/olive oil/any other spices to your liking


Preheat the oven to 425F. Prep the spaghetti squash first by cutting off the ends and then cutting it open length wise. Scoop out the seeds and guts and then place the two halves in a baking dish. Put about a tablespoon of olive oil on each half, sprinkle salt and pepper and rub in.

Bake for 45 min- 1 hour.

While baking, drain tuna and then mix with onion, marinara, and spices in a small bowl.

When the squash is done baking, let it cool for about 10 minutes. Then, scrape the meat into the bowl with the tuna mixture, mixing it all together.

Place back into to the spaghetti squash shells and cover each half with 2 oz of the feta cheese.

Bake for another 10-15 minutes, letting the cheese get melty. (Note: feta doesn’t melt the way a cheese like cheddar does, it stays pretty much in the same “shape” for these 15 minutes.)

Remove from oven and enjoy! (I added another drizzle of olive oil to the top of the feta when it came out of the oven for added flavor and fat).


Easy kale salad

I will admit, I used to HATE kale. Like, I thought it was disgusting and I wanted nothing to do with it. And, for the last three years, I have only eaten it once.

Recently though, I have started noticing more kale salads on social media and more and more people raving about kale and how it is their favorite green.

And then, one day while scrolling Instagram, my mind was blown. I saw a video of someone “massaging” their kale BEFORE putting it into their kale salad. Whaaaat?!?!

I was still skeptical though. How would this massaging technique make the kale taste any better?

I finally decided I had to give it a try so I picked up two bunches of organic curly leaf kale at the grocery store.

I definitely felt like this might actually work when I bought it, but seriously, I KNEW that if this technique didn’t make it taste good, I would have to swear off kale FOREVER.

I got the kale home and was still feeling skeptical. What if this massaging business is being hyped up by people who already just LOVE kale. . .I mean, those people are already weird, right? Would massaged kale actually convert someone into a kale lover?

I was about to find out.


2 bunches of kale

1/2 cup olive oil

Juice from one lemon

Salt and pepper


I first cut the leafy parts of the kale away from the ribs. I’m sure that you can also use small pieces with the rib attached, I just did it this way.

I then divided it into two batches because it was A LOT of kale.

I poured half the olive oil and juiced half the lemon into a large bowl and then poured the kale on top.

I gently began “massaging” my hands through the kale, coating all the leaves. After about a minute or two, the leaves begin to change texture. . .when this happened, I knew that this massaging thing was probably the real deal.

After about 3-4 minutes of massaging I put the prepared kale in a tupperware and did the next batch.

I stored all the prepared kale in a giant tupperware and the salad stayed fresh for 4 days!

After it was all prepared, I did also add some Romano cheese and mix it in. That seemed to give a little extra flavor and also held up nice for the length of time that the salad was in the fridge.

I ate this salad with everything! Eggs, burgers, chicken, and even adding some turkey bacon on top! Whenever I wanted some, I just pulled it out of the fridge and spooned some out of the tupperware.

And, because it is SO easy to make, when it runs out, making more is hardly an issue. It really is one of the easiest salads and one of the easiest ways to get in a few servings of greens every day.

Add ons:

Sometimes eating the plain kale salad can get old so I did mix it up a couple times.

Avocado, red bell pepper, and cucumber where the three veggies that I added in.

I’m not sure if I even need to say this, but yes, this salad has turned me into a kale lover!

So if you aren’t sure about kale…give this super simple kale salad a try!

Don’t use a schedule, go with how your body feels.

The other day was my daughter’s third birthday, and like I stated in this post, I had some sugar. . .ok, a lot of sugar.

I knew the sugar would derail my keto-ish way of eating and feeling (if you didn’t know already, high fat eating makes me feel AH-Mazing) so I decided to, wake up the day after the birthday party have a cup of black coffee and TRY to fast.

The operative word in that last sentence is, of course, “try”. I was not going to force my body to NOT eat if it felt hungry. I think, that this is where a lot of people misuse fitness and nutrition “tools”.

Tools of fitness and nutrition can be anything used in your journey that can get you closer (or further) from your goals. Examples include strength training, cardio training, macro counting, fasting, etc.

So, yes, people misuse fasting when they decide that they MUST fast with no exception. This is a horrible way to approach the tool of fasting because you aren’t listening to what your body wants, you are writing it in your schedule and making it a non-negotiable.

Making fasting a non-negotiable is basically telling your body “EFF YOU”. Why? Because if your body is hungry and you let your mind overrule that feeling, then, in my opinion, you get into a disordered eating type of situation.

I don’t have personal experience with disordered eating but if you are letting your mind overrule your body to the point where you are not allowing yourself any food at all despite feeling hungry, this could be, and is in my opinion, disordered.

What do we do then when it comes to fasting?

Look, don’t be scared of fasting. It really is an awesome tool to use in the right situations (see this post) but your body is screaming “NO! I’m HUNGRY!” That really isn’t the right time for it.

My advice? If you think you are ready for a fast, start it in the evening after dinner. Make sure the dinner is substantial but not HUGE and that it contains enough protein and healthy fats (for satiety). Drink hot tea before bed to relax yourself for a good night’s sleep and then wake up naturally (if possible) and enjoy a morning beverage or two (black coffee or tea or water) for the next few hours, hydration is ket to a successful fast. When you start to feel the first twinges of hunger, start prepping your first meal. Don’t worry about what time it is or how long you have been fasting, just go with how your body is feeling because that is the magic number for you.


Moderation and balance don’t exist for me.

You want to know what I think is the biggest load of crap that I think is being shoveled out to women?

That we can live in this beautiful world of “moderation” and “balance”.


Yep, I said it. I don’t believe in moderation and balance.




Let me explain.


I should preface this with saying that I think moderation and balance DO work for some people. I feel though, that the people it works really well for shout it from the roof tops that if it works for them it must work for you too because moderation and balance are “normal” and “healthy” and if you don’t practice them and embrace them then you haven’t quite arrived yet.


I won’t say that these moderation/balance folks are the only ones who want you to join their party, I mean, everyone swears by the way they eat & exercise, but I’m focusing my time, in this post, on the moderation/balance folks because it is this group that I feel most inadequate around.


Yeah, who would think that the people pushing moderation and balance would make someone feel like less of a person?


When you have spent most of you teens and early adult years addicted to all things sweet and realized that the only way to really do life is without the junk foods. . . hearing that moderation is so great makes me feel “less than” because I don’t partake. .

Trust me, I have tried, but I just end up hiding a bag of cookies in my purse and eating them in my car. . .by myself, in a parking lot. Yeah, I have been there.


So when I hear that moderation and balance works for you, great! But, it does not and will not work for me. My body and mind do not work that way.


This, however, does not mean, I am not a normal and healthy eater. I am an extremely normal and healthy eater, I’m normal and healthy for me.


Bottom line, we need to do what works for US and realize that the most “normal’ things to us might not work for others.

Pumpkin spice no bake energy bites. 

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s a sweet little treat I mixed up this morning. These no bake bites are low carb, grain free and gluten free. Enjoy one (or three) this weekend!
No bake pumpkin spice butter cookie bites.

Makes about 9.

1/2 cup coconut flour

9 tbsp melted butter

2 tbsp of granulated monk fruit sweetener (or Swerve brand)

1 tsp. vanilla extract

Two dashes pumpkin spice mix

Two dashes cinnamon 

1 pinch of salt 
Mix all ingredients into a bowl and then mold into 1 inch balls. Put in freezer for 20 minutes or the refrigerator for a hour and enjoy! 
Store in fridge.

Salmon and leek warm salad.

1 cup leeks chopped

1 cup zucchini

1/4 cup green onion

3 oz cooked salmon

2 cups salad greens

2 tbsp Primal Kitchen Chipotle-Lime Mayo

1 tbsp olive oil (I use this brand.)

1 tbsp butter

Salt and pepper

In a pan, heat the butter and then add leeks and zucchini. Cook up until edges of leeks and zucchini are brown. Remove from heat. In a salad size bowl add oil, mayo, salt, and pepper and mix together for the dressing. Add salad greens to bowl, then add leeks, zucchini, and salmon. Mix together and top with green onions. Enjoy!

What low carb/high fat really is.

Low carb/high fat does not mean high protein. I cringe when I hear people talk about those who are paleo as if we are ravenous carnivores eating huge hunks of meat and grunting (I mean, that’s what cave people did, right?).

A heathy low carb/high fat diet includes greens, small amounts of animal protein, and TONS of healthy fats!

My meal was 4 oz grass fed beef, greens with olive oil and Primal Kitchen Mayo , and roasted cauliflower with ghee. I usually make my own ghee but this brand is the real deal.