What I Want For You

{What I want for you.}

I think so many coaches and trainers get thrown into a giant pile of generality. We are seen as these people who are all about losing weight, those amazing before and after pictures, and working out so hard that you want to pass out.
Can I just raise my hand right now and say that I am NOT that trainer. I am not the trainer who designs a program that is going to make you vomit and cry on day one. I am not the trainer who is going to tell you to “eat less”, and I am not the trainer who is going to force you to do things you don’t want to do because “its going to help you reach your goals”.
Why? Because I want MORE for you.
See, I train moms and “mom” is probably one of the most stressful job titles on planet earth. Add on a 9-5 job, managing a household, and your mile long to-do list, life ends up being anything but relaxing. . .heck, it is usually downright stressful.
So when a mom hires a trainer, that trainer needs to be respectful of the place she in her life and not be so obsessed with giving her the perfect “before and after” pics.
   I want you to have the energy to get up every morning and face your day, I want you to be able to open your fridge and grab the proper foods for fueling your body.  I want you to move in a way that you aren’t hurting your body but instead helping it. And most important I want you to keep going.
And the only way I have EVER seen people remain consistent and continue on the path of health is by starting small and creating habits around these small actions.
As your trainer, I will work with you on small habits. Now, that might not sound sexy but, trust me, those small habits built upon more small habits will create the big results! It might not be the 7 day detox everyone is talking about, you know the one where you lose a bunch of weight but are basically starving yourself?
Yeah, not that one, but, the habits you create will get your further and create more change in your health than 7 days of white-knuckling it through a bunch of rules around your food and exercise.
If any of this speaks to you and you are interested in learning more about how I can help you, let’s talk! Send me a message or an email, and we can see if what I offer is a good fit for you.